Dr. Benny Soffer


Dr. Soffer is a Board Member of the Princeton Wrestling Club. Dr. Soffer was the Medical Director for Medical Information Systems and Clinical Process improvement at Yale New Haven Hospital from 2002‐2005. In 2005 he became the co‐founder of Consonance Capital, a healthcare investment firm located in New York City. Dr Soffer is also a Board Member and the Treasurer of Trenton Youth Wrestling.

Dr. Soffer received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Williams College and his Medical Degree from Emory University. Dr. Soffer earned an MBA from Yale University and continues to manage Consonance Capital today. Dr. Soffer brings financial expertise and a genuine commitment to wrestling in addition to a passion for assisting under privileged youth. 

Dr. Soffer was a State Champion wrestler from Georgia and wrestled at Williams College from 1990‐91. He resides in Princeton NJ with his wife Janet and son Eli. 

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